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Performing on our stage this February 15th 2012 at the Manhattan Center.

Kimiberly Nichole:

VOGUE, MTV UK, BET, VH1 and Seventeen Magazine have all recognized KimberlyNichole for her sense of style, stage presence and captivating voice. An "avant-rock n soul, tutu-clad", singer and songwriter, Nichole hails from Seattle, Washington, the city that spawned music innovators Quincy Jones, Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. Similar to her hometown music legends, her passion for music began at a young age. KimberlyNichole grew up listening to the gospel/soul music played by her parents and the grunge/alternative music, which dominated the Seattle music scene. Come experience KimberlyNichole's music and mesmerizing performance style that has captured the attention and support of Quincy Jones, Andre Leon Talley and Motown writing legends Ashford & Simpson.
- www.kimberlynichole.com
- www.twitter.com/kimnicky
- www.facebook.com/KimberlyNicholeMusic

Aaron Camper:
Hailing from Salisbury, MD this Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter has always had a hunger and a drive to learn music in its purest and simplest form without compromising the art. At a young age this son of a preacher was given an array of songs and records from his father that would change his life forever. He started his professional singing career in 2004, right out of high school. Aaron has toured with Jill Scott, J.Cole, Diddy Dirty Money, Mike Posner and Chris Brown to name a few. At the start of 2010, Aaron took his solo career into his own hands with his partner Adam Blackstone and on January 1st, 2011, Aaron released his first mixtape entitled “Welcome to My World. The mixtape features sounds from Swiz Beats, Kanye West, Eric Roberson and DJ Aktive to name a few.

- twitter.com/AaronCamper
- www.facebook.com/AaronCamperMusic


JAZZY is a soulful breathe of fresh air hailing from Los Angeles, CA. This R&B songstress conveys a classic feel to today's music scene by incorporating a seductive blend of melodic harmonies with a hip-hop edge. Not one to "sell-in" or compromise her sound for what's popular is what sets her apart from the modern-day mainstream R&B artist. In addition to singing, JAZZY is also an established songwriter formerly signed to Hollywood famed actor and artist Jamie Foxx's entertainment company, Foxx/King. The songstress is currently recording her sophomore album due out at the top of 2012.

Nuttin' But Stringz Is America's Got Talent

Nuttin' But Stringz one of the top three on America’s Got Talent. According to the New York Time description they “combine the classical sound of the violin with Pop, R&B and Hip-hop. The result is a unique and uplifting fury of modern emotion and harmony… intensity and rhythm.”

Siblings Tourie and Damien Escobar are the creative geniuses behind the innovative group Nuttin But Stringz. The brothers grew up on the rough streets of Jamaica, Queens but found a way to escape the adversity that many of their peers fell victim to through playing violin. At the respective ages of 8 and 7 the pair began to study the violin, and advanced quickly, learning to transcend their classical training, incorporating rock, pop and hip-hop to create their own unique sound. Having studied at the acclaimed Julliard School in New York City, the two were exposed to Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven and a host of classical composers. Due to their broad range of musical influence between school and home, their style is impossible to pigeonhole into one genre.

This dynamic duo have grown immensely as artists, from busking on the subway as young boys to writing a multi-platinum debut album, winning two Emmy Awards, receiving Grammy nods and performing on numerous talk shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show and more. They have been featured in the major motion picture Step Up, America?s Got Talent (2nd place in season 3) and played shows with legendary artists Al Jarreau, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan and The Isley Brothers to name a few.

In 2006 Nuttin But Stringz released their debut album, Struggle from the Subway to the Charts, marking a transitional period for them on their voyage to becoming respected musicians. Their elevated success has truly been a rollercoaster ride with amazing highlights already from their self-written and produced song ?Thunder? being used on both commercials and film to performing at the inauguration ball for President Barack Obama.

On September 9th 2011 Nuttin' But Stringz performed live at The New York FAME Fashion Week 2011 event. This coming February 15th 2012 back by popular demand Nuttin' But Stringz will be performing live at The New York FAME "FAME and Music Unite Rocks Fashion Week 2012 charity  event at the Manhattan Center. 


Kindra, a lover of flowers, nature, music and God writes songs about life”s struggles and
tribulations of which many she has endured herself. Her soft, mesmerizing voice lures
the listener into her music allowing them to not just hear but to also feel the lyrics.
Kindra’s vocal vibrato is similar to that of Rihanna and her range similar to Adele. Her
music genre is varied to reflect many of her life experiences and those of others, from
country, pop, rock & roll to collaborative hip/hop/rap all ultimately for her creator.

Kindra Stroud was born in Denver, raised in San Diego and now resides in Texas.
Kindra started writing song lyrics at the age of 11 and started singing at 13. Her singer/
songwriting music career was blossoming in 2007 where she was recording an album at
NRG Recording Studios in Hollywood. She worked on several of her songs Unified,
Push Me and Independance with top industry engineers and producers such as Mark
Kiczula who engineered for several artists including Fort Minor, Kelly Clarkston, Jay-Z,
Linkin Park and more, Brian Paturalski who engineered for artists Britney Spears, David
Archuleta, Cassie Davis, Faith Hill and others and also Michael Blum whose credits as
producer and engineer include Madonna, Pink Floyd, Bryan Ferry, Kenny Loggins,
Julian Lennon and more. Kindra had to unexpectedly take a few years off to attend to
some difficult personal issues. Now living far from the Hollywood music production
studios, in July 2011 Kindra signed an exclusive songwriting/singing contract with Fear
& Trembling Production (a local Texas studio) which is working with Spinz Media &
Productions to produce and record an album for release in April 2012.

In an exclusive music debut arranged especially for FAME in support of its applaudable
charitable support of the Music Unite Foundation, Kindra will sing a few solo songs from
her upcoming album “Trembling”. This is the only live performance by Kindra authorized
by Fear & Trembling to occur before the albums official release in April.

Video "Petals of the Stem"

Fear & Trembling Featured Singer

Kindra's Personal Web Site

Back by Popular demand Shilpa Narayan:

Shilpa Narayan, the woman behind the Youtube username Shilax0929's musical rendition videos had an unlikely beginning that sets her apart from the vast majority of musical acts these days. As a young child, Shilpa gained a sincere appreciation for music. Her parents exposed her to a variety of genres and a particular influence for Shilpa was the Indian music that her mother would sing, and now performs around the Atlanta area. As a busy student at Georgia Tech a few years ago, where a musical scene "wasn't too widespread," Shilpa did not have much of an opportunity to become involved in exploring her love of music and singing talents. However, her musical interests still continued to flourish despite her surrounding environment. In order to place an even greater focus on her singing, Shilpa devoted her time to learning basic technique on the guitar in order to accompany herself. Shilpa then decided to take to youtube in order to spread her music across the world. She has now received more than 1/2 a million hits and is still growing constantly. After recently transitioning to on-stage performance, Shilpa has been fortunate to play in venues such as Eddies Attic, Greenhouse, Village Underground, Juliet Super, The Bryant Park Hotel, Times Square's Earth Day, The Apollo Theater, and opened for Waka Flaka and Wale in Atlanta. Shilpa has completed working on her EP "Stand Alone" which will be a mixture of R&B and Pop and is set to release March 2012. 

Stand Alone Acapella: 

Adele Turning Tables Acoustic: 

Drake Take Care (studio): 

X Factor Finalist:  4Shore Performs Live At "FAME"

The name 4Shore pays homage to the group’s hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Consisting of
Allynn (CynCere), Brandon (B. Show), Daijreous (Dai Dream) and Jessie (J. None), four childhood
friends determined to leave a lasting impression on the music industry and be the cure for the dying breed
of “boy bands”. Having known each other for years, 4Shore decided to come together and perform for the
annual Beachstreet USA series. Night after night, 4Shore honed their craft in front of adoring audiences
which consisted of tourist from around the globe. With the ability to draw a crowd, it wasn’t long before
the group had industry A&R’s and record label executives on the lookout for the talented quartet.
In 2011, the group auditioned for Simon Cowells “The X-Factor USA”. The young quartet took a risk and
performed the L.A. Reid penned “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men in front of L.A. Reid himself. After a
standing ovation from the judges as well as the audience, it seemed 4Shore was unstoppable. Advancing
through to 3 phases of the competition, 4Shores X-factor dreams were surprisingly cut short when Paula
Abdul opted not to bring them any further. However, this has not deterred 4Shore from their dream of
making a career in music.

4Shore is more than just a group of guys who sing, they are talent in all the fields of entertainment. From
being sought after event performers, host, and mentors, the best is truly yet to come. 

Website:         http://www.weare4shore.net
Twitter:          http://twitter.com/weare4shore
Youtube:         http://www.youtube.com/weare4shore
Reverbnation:   http://www.reverbnation.com/weare4shore


Artist Information
Biography“He’s 6FO, No One Else!” Representing New Jersey with a grind that is unprecedented, 
up and coming artist 6FO has been making waves across the Internet and streets of the East Coast. 
6FO is a native of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and he is of African descent, Ghana specifically. 
There is an obvious distinction between the Rutgers University area of New Brunswick and 
tough neighborhoods like that of the renowned Delevan Street where he was raised, 
surrounded by violence and drugs. From a young age, 6FO was assisting and supporting his family through
 their trials and tribulations, consequently preparing himself to overcome life’s obstacles. 
As a result of constant struggles, he found an escape in music and from there his journey on the microphone began.

Since the age of fourteen, 6FO has earned respect and credibility from rap battles and ciphers,

 to flooding his area with mixtapes. 6FO is now being featured on prominent websites including XXLMag.com,
 TheSource.com, AllHipHop.com and InFlexWeTrust.com among others. 
Youtube has contributed to his viral success with his videos exceeding 100k views. 
6FO’s first project was titled “F” Being King, Just Tryna Do My Thing. 
His second release is DREAMCATCHER, which fans are praising for his noticeable growth. 
Both projects were sponsored mixtapes on Datpiff.com and DREAMCATCHER also received a 
co-sign from New York’s Power 105.1 host Charlamagne the God. 
DREAMCATCHER single “Pow Pow Pow” was in rotation on Hartford Connecticut’s radio station 
Hot 97.3 as well as on Internet radio. His most recent project is a collaboration album titled FLIGHT 732, 
with NJ artist E-9. His latest single “M.O.N.E.Y.”, which features E-9 and Waka Flocka, 
was recently co-signed by the one and only Funk Master Flex of Hot 97.

There is a distinct hunger in his voice when he raps and when you add his versatile approach and 

the substance in his music, he easily separates himself from a majority of emcees. 
6FO finds time to make a personal connection with his supporters in person and through social networking sites.
Thus far in his career, 6FO has performed in front of crowds at private parties, held mixtape listening and release
parties and graced stages at various venues and colleges. 
With his cleverness, 6FO is able to grab your attention with his lyrics, word play, and his delivery. 
Rising above the limitations set by his surroundings, 6FO is a new face but, truly the future voice of hip-hop.



6FO & E-9
Released 12/13/2011
iTunes and Amazon.com

6FO, Hosted by DJ Lazy K
Released: 11/15/2009

Released: 07/11/2011

-Single "Pow Pow Pow" from DREAMCATCHER was in rotation at Hartford, CT's Hot 93.7 
radio station and on Internet radio.
-"Pow Pow Pow" Available on iTunes
-"Hometown" video off of DREAMCATCHER has over 25k views on Youtube.
-Single "LEGGO" off of DREAMCATCHER featured on XXLMag.com, AllHipHop.com and YoRaps.com

FLIGHT 732 - Release Date 12/2011
6FO & E-9

-Single "M.O.N.E.Y." co-signed by Funk Master Flex, DJ Bobby Trends, and played on DJ Envy's Sirius radio show, HipHop Nation.
-Single "M.O.N.E.Y." featured on TheSource.com, InFlexWeTrust.com, AllHipHop.com, and over 20 additional blog sites.