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“Tim Berry is co-founder of Eugene Social, founder and Chairman of Palo Alto Software, founder of bplans.com, and a co-founder of Borland International. He taught starting a business at the University of Oregon for 11 years. He is author of books and software including Business Plan Pro, published by Palo Alto Software, and The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan, published by Entrepreneur Press. He has a Stanford MBA degree and degrees with honors from the University of Oregon and the University of Notre Dame.
His website is at timberry.com and his main blog is Planning Startups Stories; he also posts on several other blogs including Huffington Post, Amex OPEN Forum, and Industry Word at sba.gov. He is an active investor member of the Willamette Angel Conference.”

Key Component of a Business Plan:

Berry talks about the important of a business plan and what investors look for when looking for potential investment opportunities. The key components of a business plan are your Executive Summary. The Executive summary is a brief summary of everything that is explains in the body of your proposal. It gives an investor the opportunity to see if this venture is worth investing or meets their needs prior to reading the entire plan. We then move on to the second key component, the Marketing Plan.  The marketing plan relates to your product and service and should be outlined in your business plan. This shows an investor how the product and service will fulfill the demand within your marketplace. However the company would also need to show that it has advertising, marketing and sales force to effectively get the product and service distributed and build its brand awareness.

The third key component is your competition analysis. This shows who the competition is and how the competition is effectively penetrating the market. If there is not a lot of competition then this proves that there is a need for this service in its market and an open field for business. If the competition is high then the investor would need to see what you do better and why the market purchase your goods and service over the other competitors.
The fourth component is Management. Investor likes to learn about the key personnel and any strategic alliances the company has. Management is very important to any company because they are the ones who see to the success of the business. Without the right people who have a track record that proves they are capable of running the business investors will walk away from the venture. 

Finally the last key component that set the tone for the plan is the Financials. Financials are essential for any investor to feel confident that the team understands the market, real costs of business where profits will be earned. For many start-up companies, the financials are done in a pro forma fashion. This means that figures are placed as hypothetical numbers based on data known to the company. For instance, a company may know how much it will cost to make a widget and what it will cost to market it, but may place a constant in for total sales within the year to demonstrate what revenues for the company might be.

These components are key to any business plan and key to your investors. Focus on what makes your company unique, look for employees that are creditable that have a track record that will be beneficial to your company success. Tim Berry lets us know that he has seen it all from the small companies to the large companies both good and bad, and in order for any company to land a good investment deal the business plan has to be creditable to draw any investor attention.


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A Good Business Plan by Tim Berry September 12, 2012

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“Lawyers, Libel, Logos and Lollipops”

Industry Expert Laws and Liability

“Lawyers, Libel, Logos and Lollipops”

Listening to this podcast regarding UMG v. Veoh case Gordon Firemark explains the issues relating to ISP infringement materials. In this case he point out that the very fact that UMG as actual knowledge of infringing on Veoh ISP without notifying the copyright holder of the ISP to infringe material. It all boils down to did YouTube know or did they know of the infringement material and what material should the copyright holder have to present to prove their case and what actual rights do they have to block access. However it all comes down to the 9th circuits, will the 9th circuit follow the 2nd circuit ruling and in the end will the following case revile what ISPs should do if they discover copyright infringement.

The podcast also talked about Royalties dispute with the Universal and Eminem case. Now we all know that a lot of cases have been presented regarding digital downloads and actual sales when it comes to music. Artists have been fighting for a percentage of sales on digital download for years and feel that they have been ripped off from gaining their percentage from their album sales. This case brings light on said situation, the judge in the case blast UMG that they are knowingly bamboozling these artists by rewording document and using them against these artists in court. The Judge ruled that this court would not allow them to get away with it. So the court ruled that they will allow the defendant right to bring their complaint in the new amended case.

This case is all about license vs. Sales and we all know that as Artist we can get wrapped up in the glitz and glimmer and not really aware of what is really going on. It is always wise to have contract and sales agreement reviewed by a legal advisor before signing. The music industry is an industry that we always seem to find the most lawsuits when it comes to royalties and percentage of sales. Recording labels, have always piggyback off artist. As artist we have to educate ourselves of what is right from what is wrong, we have to know our industry, our rights and what resources are at our disposal before we engage in any new business. I have learned a lot over the past few years that you always need to have something in writing; you need legal advisors and never sign anything because it sounds good.

By Melisa Brown (October 20th 2012) 

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Empire's Fashion Show

While fall temperatures are dropping outside, it didn't stop the spring colors of aqua, yellow, and grey from brightening up the room in the Empire Room within the Empire State Building this week. Model/Actress Denise Dietrichs, of the Top 20 Victoria Secret Angel Tour and Miss Russia New York, Angelina Shipilina help convert the lounge into a catwalk of the latest fall trends and concepts of the season.  Designers Lizzi London, Sharon E. Clarke, and Dexter John gave a glimpse into their current fall collections for the Celebrity Annual Platinum Red Carpet Networking Event. Ruffles, fringe, and chiffon flowed seamlessly through the crowd in high fashion. Within the men’s wear category, embellished jackets were the focal point and rave.   Fashion week maybe officially over however that doesn’t stop designers from putting on a show stopping event. Stay tune to FAME ROCKS FASHION WEEK 2013 fashion event in February you don't want to miss it...

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“Lulu lemon’s Vs. Calvin Klein”

Reviewing this case on copyrights Luluemon’s is suing Calvin Klein for copycatting its active wear  “Astro” Yoga Pants collection.  As we are aware, in today’s fashion industry it is hard to sue a company for patent or copyrights infringement. However today we have seen that numerous companies have taken the step to make this issue know that if done they are taken action.  I find that these cases are creating an evolving trend block. Think about it, if more companies start suing other fashion companies and designers then every season new and advance market trends will start to decline. The Fashion industry is one of the leading industry and with new ideas and creativity our market grows. If companies can’t keep up with change then all the wars and lawsuits over whom copycatting their lines will be unnecessary. However I can relate to Lululemon’s wanting to set a standard on what is right but this lawsuit will result in nothing, unless we as consumers have the government dictates what we wear.

“Navajo Nation Vs. Urban Outfitters clothing line”

“The Navajo Nation filed lawsuit against Urban Outfitters of the use of the Navajo name on clothing. This as we know is called trademark infringement in the use of the Navajo name and trademark of its popular clothing and fashion items. Some of the controversial items in the Navajo line included panties and a liquor flask”. After reviewing this case I can understand the Navajo concerns regarding Urban Outfitters line and how it has infringe on its name and culture. However I give urban outfitter credit for coming up which such great collection and its creativity and feel that both parties can come to some form of agreement. Yes, They did trademark infringe upon the name, but in this case it seem to me that its more about the culture and it concerns for usage of the Tribes name without permission. If Urban Outfitters gave the tribe some form of recognition with the collection I believe the lawsuit would be avoided. However there is a lot of money to be made from this collection and maybe wise for Urban Outfitter to put together a contract giving the tribe recognition and a percentage of it sales to one of its foundation. This is just my opinion.

“Will. I. Am Gets Sued for 2Million For Fashion Fall Out”

Black Eyed Peas star Will. I. AM, allegedly broke a contract with I. AM. Clothing. They are suing him for 2 million dollars.  The company claims that the performer had a contract with them until 2016; well the performer claims that the contract was over and done with. Well if the contract was signed in 2010 and expires in 2016 then the artist is liable and this is considered a breach of contract. I.AM.Clothing stated that the artist agreed to loan is name for Marketing and design purposes. Companies investing millions of dollars in endorsement deals with artists, found that many performers tend to back out of contracts that ultimately put the company in financial risks and hardship. I feel that Will. I. AM is responsible for backing out of this contract and should pay the 2 million if he signed on to the terms and agreements listed in the contract.


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When you hear the word “FAME” the first thing that comes to mind are celebrities, media, and high profile guests. Then combine that with “Rocks Fashion” you get music, talent, world-class entertainment, high-end fashion, and designers. The New York Fame presents FAME ROCKS FASHION WEEK  “ROAD TO FAME”.

FAME ROCKS FASHION WEEK Partners with charitable organization twice a year to enhance visibility and awareness of their cause. Fame Rocks Fashion Week provides a platform for emerging talent to showcase their line as well as merge fashion with other areas of art & Entertainment. Each season during New York Fashion Week, THE NEW YORK FAME becomes a high-end, full service property strategically executed to create an unprecedented amount of media buzz and daily traffic, located in the heart of Manhattan.

Since 2010, we have worked with the Twin Towers Orphan Fund & Music Unites Foundation. I have established this show with my years of experience working with clients such as Maurice Dubois, Diana Ross, Keith David, and Maria Snyder, which ultimately led me to the growing empire I manage today.

I have included a link to our sizzle reel highlights of our past shows.  http://youtu.be/7p7reXRYEgk

I have also included our Sponsorship Proposal and Exclusive Invite for your review. 

I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to speaking with you regarding your participation in the  “THE ROAD TO FAME” reality show  & FAME ROCKS FASHION WEEK Sponsorship opportunity for February 2013.

For more information please send your email to info@thenyfame.com

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Watch Mercedes Benz fashion show live on Youtube sponsored by Maybelline!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is back once again and its bigger than ever. As we all know fashion week in New York City creates major buzz with new and emerging designers. This year fashion week Maybelline sponsors Mercedes Benz showcase todays top and emerging designers from around the world. Fashion Week is on YouTube, and once again, it’s LIVE! Live From the Runway, presented by Maybelline New York, is your front row seat to the hottest shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Tune in every day through September 14 to see live runway shows from your favorite designers streamed right to your computer or mobile phone.

Live From the Runway will help fashionistas, trendsetters, and consumers stay on top of todays trends and designers show schedule.  Learning new tips and tricks from backstage with Maybelline backstage beauty looks, interviews, latest trends, and how-to videos. Fashion and beauty lovers can join the conversation by tweeting #LiveRunway. Recaps and archived fashion shows will also be available between live streams, so check back daily. Welcome to the front row!



BY Melisa Brown

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Each September New York City becomes the landmark for everything Fashion. Fashion Night Out will be taking place this September 6, 2012 in New York City. Every fashion designer, boutique, department store and Trendsetters will fill the streets of New York City looking for the latest trends, sales and Celebrity siting around the city and around the world. 

Fashion Night Out brings out the celebrities from around the world and brings them to one location New York.  During this event you will see performers, actors, designers, buyers, press and more fill the stores and streets of SOHO, Fashion District, Midtown Manhattan, Grand Central and many more locations. Fashion Night Out also benefits the New York City AIDS Foundation, so go out and support a great cause. 

This Fashion Night Out is not only in stores, you can experience fashion Night out online from designer website and department stores. If you have never experience New York City during Fashion Night Out, I promise you that you will enjoy every bit of it.  However one can’t forget about what comes after FNO, you said it FASHION WEEK, at FAME ROCKS FASHION WEEK and the multitudes of shows such as, Lincoln Center, Style 360 and many more. These shows showcase the latest fashion trends from today’s top designers. Get a sneak peak at what’s to come in our department stores and boutique before it hits the shelves. These show create excitement for two week in New York City, with celebrities in the front rows, buyers and press filling every room. Consumers are eager to see what models will be wearing on the runway. Join us and millions as we take the streets of New York City this Fashion Night Out.  Here’s a sneak peak of previous shows during Fashion Night Out and Fashion Week.  Enjoy!


By Melisa Brown

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“What does it take to be a Boss in the Entertainment Industry”?

“What does it take to be a Boss in the Entertainment Industry”?

“I’m a Boss, You’re a Boss, and we are all Bosses”

In today's entertainment industry we are provided with book, podcast and more letting us know what we need to accomplish to become a Boss. Well we can read all the books and listen to all the podcast in the world at the end of the day if you work for a company where someone else hold the Boss title then he is the one who decides who becomes the next Boss.

Now the questions is how long will we stay in the background before we take that initiative to be the next Boss.  In today economy you find that the numbers for new entrepreneurs are growing, everyone wants to be the Boss of their own company, Label, or clothing line. But do you have what it takes to be a Boss. To be a Boss requires great leadership skills, organization, communication and last but not least patients. Without these things you are setting yourself up for failure.

Rick Ross said it in his song “I’m a Boss” know he can say that, for he as established his name, company and reputation as the Boss. Sean P. Diddy Combs is another great example of a true Boss. He as built his empire from the ground up, through the good, the bad and the most discouraging times in his life. Being an entrepreneur takes patients its not easy starting a company from scratch especially with little and no funds especially in today’s economy. It takes hard work, dedication, motivation and a mind to succeed. I have watch some of today's great men and woman who came from nothing to being an icon and role model for many in this entertainment industry. They have motivated us to fight for what we believe in and never give up on your dreams. My advice to all my entrepreneurs looking to make it in the entertainment industry is to network, research and learn the ins-and–outs of the industry your trying to get into. I found that Networking opens up doors to great and potential possibilities. You can’t imagine the people I had the opportunity to network with and how they have help guide me in the right direction. Find that person that can give you the guidance you need to make it in the industry, but never forget always protect yourself, your ideas and work. For as P.Diddy said in his song “Its all about the Benjamin’s” Its hard to find loyalty and honesty in this industry and if you are not careful you can lose it all within a wink of an eye. Can you be a Boss that when the finance is not there you would cut your own salary to pay your employee and keep your company afloat? That’s what it takes to be a good boss.

I have provided some resources to help you get to the Boss level, if you find that you have what it takes to be the Boss then its time to take that step. I hope that you find this very resourceful and good luck.

Ø  How to Be a Good Boss:

Ø  The 5 Qualities of Remarkable Bosses

Ø  When is the last time you saw such a CEO

By Melisa Brown